Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Uijeongbu Methodist Church

For the last few months, my husband has been teaching a weekly Bible Study in English at Uijeongbu Methodist Church, located in downtown Uijeongbu.  The other week, instead of holding the Bible Study, the pastor invited the families of those attending the weekly study to come out for a dessert fellowship.  Our family went and we had a nice time meeting new people.

Bible Study group and their families

The pastor also gave us a tour of the beautiful facility.  I wish I had taken more pictures to share with you but unfortunately, I did not.  There are many wonderful ministries taking place at Uijeongbu Methodist Church and it's funny how we got to meet the pastor.

All Army chaplains wear a symbol on their uniform to show that they are chaplains.  In his case, my husband wears a cross above his name, to show that he is of Protestant faith.  One day while he was getting his hair cut on post and the manager noticed the cross on my husband's uniform and started up a converstation with him. He told him that he would like him to meet one of the pastors at his church who speaks English. 

My husband set up a time to get together to have lunch with Pastor Yim.  From that initial meeting, Pastor Yim expressed a desire to have an English Bible Study at their church and asked if my husband would be available to lead that study.  From meeting one of the church members while getting his hair cut, my husband has developed a unique relationship with Pastor Yim and has had the opportunity to not only impact his unit for Christ but also a little piece of South Korea.

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Donald Decker said...

In 1952/53, my father Chaplain Silas Decker, Colonel, ICorp, organized the building of the Methodist church in Uijeongbu. I don't know if the original stone church is still standing but my son and I plan to visit Uijeongbo October 19. I have the original construction and dedication photos including ROK president Syngman Rhee. I'm Donald Decker, my son is Derek Decker. I'm 78. My email is dedlydon@sbcglobal.net