Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Random Facts

I will just jump in and post 10 randon facts about me.

1.  I attended both Catholic school and public school but I currently homeschool my children.

2.  I have a bachelor's degree in Pastoral Ministry.

3.  I took 5 years of Spanish classes through high school and college but really can’t speak it. Part of the reason is that I don’t use it regularly, the other reason is fear.

4.  My dad and I attended college together.  After he retired from a 20 year career in law enforcement, he went back to school.  We had one class together.

5.  I get a thrill from getting a good deal on things…especially something I need. I love saving money.  Since moving to Korea, I haven't been able to shop for deals like online is not the same.

6.  This past summer I celebrated my 16th wedding anniversary.  Unfortunately, it was the second anniversary in a row that my husband and I were not together on our special day.  The first year he was in Iraq and this year he was in Korea (the girls and I could not join him until he found housing).

7.  This year I joined Weight Watchers to lose some weight.  I must say that if you stick to the plan it works.  I lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks.  I hope to start back again and get a little more weight off. It's important to me to be healthy but it is hard to do with managing a home and family.

8.  We attended the same church for almost 12 years. For the first two years, my husband volunteered to lead worship and the youth.  He came on staff when I resigned as the secretary and worked as an associate pastor for 6 years.  He became the Senior Pastor and served in that position for 3 more years. We only left the church for my husband to pursue a call to Army Chaplaincy.

9.  I am both a pastor's wife and preacher's kid, though my dad did not become a pastor until I was in college.

10. God is still working on me.  Everyday I see myself magnified through my children's lives.  Sometimes it is encouraging, while other times it can be depressing.  I am glad that he is not finished with me yet.

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