Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cross

The two main religions here in Korea are Buddhism and Christianity (Catholic and Protestant faiths).  The hillsides and mountains are dotted with temples and the cities are lit up with crosses.  From what I have seen, all Christian churches here in Korea are marked by a cross on the building.  It is interesting to count how many crosses one can see in a short distance. Even this week the girls and I saw another cross going up, meaning a new church was opening across the street from our apartment complex. We try to take pictures of churches and crosses, when we see them.  Here are a few photos from collection of crosses.

The other thing we see here in Korea that is different from in the United States is that churches are not just in what we might call a santuary or their own building.  Many times you will see a church occupying the 4th floor of a 6 story building.  My husband is teaching a Bible Study in English at a local Korean church.  The Uijeongbu Methodist Church is a very established church located right in the downtown area of the city.  But they don't just occupy a floor but an entire building as they share the "good news" in their community.

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