Monday, November 29, 2010


The other week our family had an opportunity to see the beginnings of Kimchi being made at a local Korean church.  The women of the church gathered in the church's kitchen to make this traditional Korean dish.  We were there on day one of the two that they would be spending making Kimchi.  On this first day, the women were preparing 1200 heads of cabbage.  It was not what you and I might know of cabbage from the was actually Napa cabbage.

There was a group of ladies squatting or sitting on the floor.  Their job was to remove the outer leaves of the cabbage and to cut it in half. 

The cabbage then made it's way into the kitchen, where more ladies were washing the cabbage.  They would rinse it in the sink, then place it in large buckets to rinse yet again.  From this rinse, the cabbage would be shaken and placed in a large plastic bin similar to a feed trough.  As the cabbage was layered in the bin, it would be sprinkled with salt. and set overnight.

One of the ladies grabbed my hand and proceeded to give me her boots, gloves, and apron so that I could help in the kitchen.  I was put to work rinsing cabbage and layering it in the bins.  It was a neat experience, even if her boots were two sizes to small for me.

I was being put to work

Cabbage brought into the kitchen after being cut

Hard at work 

Receiving instructions

More work

The lady asked me if I spoke Japanese

My  new friend who put me to work

The next day the women of the church would meet together again to season the cabbage and complete the Kimchi making process.  I was unable to join them for this.

While I have tried Kimchi, it is not my favorite food.  It's a bit too spicy for me.

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your blog. :) I adore kimchi (I'm Korean by birth), but I've never had the opportunity to make it. I hope you're enjoying your time in Korea!