Friday, November 19, 2010

Market Day

In Korea, each town has a Market Day.  You may see people set up on the days that end in 5 or 0, or you they may be there on a certain weekend each month.  Today my daughter was outside playing with her friend and came in the house excited, it was Market Day in our neighborhood.  Since we can't read or speak Korean, we had no idea that this Market Day was posted in the apartment elevator.

Market Day as seen from my apartment window
 On Market Day, you see vendor set up under tents or umbrellas with their goods that they are selling.  Since it's not a store, you can expect to haggle with them on the price for what you are interested in buying.  They sell everything from fruits, veggie and meats to hair accessories, underwear and gloves.  I have been fighting a cold this week and did not want to go out but I was very interested in getting some fruits and vegetables.

I gave my daughter some Won (Korean money) and a list of things I would like and she came back a few minutes later.  We love the small oranges that they sell here, so that was at the top of our list.  I also wanted cucumbers and mushrooms.  She was able to find everything I asked for and more. 

Victoria enjoying a few oranges

After the girls dug into the first bag of oranges, I knew that we would need more, so I sent my daughter back to get another bag.  Even after our second purchase, there are not many left.  I think my oldest daughter ate upwards of 10 of these small oranges.  I guess it's better to be eating fruit instead of candy!

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