Saturday, September 29, 2007

Two Weeks Left for CIMT

Two weeks have gone by and feels like it has blown by very fast. We are being taught a lot of things in a very short amount of time. I am grateful that my experience in seminary is helping me to stay on top of the material.
There two more weeks for our initial training, then it will be two months of educating us to be Army chaplains. The first four weeks are designed to educate us to be Soldiers.
Family is doing great. Looks like we are going to do Thanksgiving in South Carolina. During my training, the policy restricts us to go too far away from post. Plus, plane tickets are outrageously expensive. For the amount of money we spend on one plane ticket, we can have enough food for three Thanksgiving meals.
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Blessings to all and remember to expect a Breakthrough, Hooah!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally, An Update!

For everyone back home, I am finally getting to giving you an update on my experience at CH-BOLC. At first it took a while to get the train going, but it sure is rolling now.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of what I have been up to:


Part of my class...

Here I am wearing my ACU...

Here is the 60 ft. Victory Tower that we all had to repel down on. It was an awesome experience. I wish we could do it again.

We also did the commando crawl, where you have to balance yourself on a single rope and pull your way across without falling onto a net. I was proud of myself for not falling off.

We had to go down this cargo net. All these events put your upper body to the test. My muscles were burning at the end of the day.


On another day, we did a good number of obstacles in teams. It was a great experience to build confidence with your team members and with yourself.


The Army is a place to get yourself physically fit and get paid for it, Hooah!

Here, someone recognized me and wanted my autograph. NOT!

We were just getting ready for PT, and I was filling out some paperwork.

My experience so far has been very fulfilling. I am so bless in many ways. One way is the fact that my family is living with me while I train. After we're done, we will be heading to our first duty station. This was a BREAKTHROUGH in prayer.

Another way that I am blessed is with my Class Leadership; the class leader and the platoon leaders. All of which are my peers.

I will not forget the leadership at USACHCS (United States Army Chaplain Center and School). From my platoon sergeant all the way up to the commandant, they are there with one goal in mind, to prepare us to provide spiritual support to Soldiers and their families. They are dedicated to seeing us succeed. Even the staff of the school, they are a phenomenal group of people. I praise the Lord for them.

I will try to keep making entries sooner than later but in smaller sizes. In the meanwhile, please keep Nicole, the girls, and me in your prayers. God has been gracious in many occassions and we would love to continue to see His mighty hand at work

Monday, September 3, 2007

Commissioned Officer

On August 24, 2007, I was commissioned as a First Lieutenant for the United States Army by taking an Oath of Office. It was officiated by my Senior Chaplain, Chaplain (COL) Arthur C. Pace, at Carlisle Barracks, PA. This day marked 22 days left before I head down to Fort Jackson for training.

This honorable event took place in the chapel at the altar on the Carlisle Barracks. In the picture, CH Pace is on the left and I am standing on the right. Of course, the United States flag in the center. If you look closely, you can see the stain glass window in the background.

The stain glass window is a picture of “The Four Chaplains.” The Four Chaplains are four Army chaplains, CH Alexander D. Goode, CH George L. Fox, CH Clark V. Poling, and CH John P. Washington; who demonstrated bravery and courage while the USS (USAT) Dorchester sank, after being fired upon with three torpedoes by a the German U-223 submarine. To read more about these four great chaplains do an internet search for “Four Chaplains” or visit

I look forward to honoring the men and women who have contributed and helped me to reach this point in my life. I will honor this commission by honoring the Lord Jesus Christ in all that I do and say as a U.S. Army Chaplain.