Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dragon Hill Lodge

This week my husband did a Marriage Retreat at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul for the soldiers and spouses from his unit.  Since the three day event was down in Seoul, the girls and I decided to join him for these few days. 

I was able to attend a few of the sessions he was doing for the married couples and individuals (those who are assigned to Korea for one year without their spouse or family).  At this retreat he presented the video series "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" by Mark Gungor.  I'm not sure if you have seen this before, but the parts I saw were really good.  And of course, you are laughing most of the time, knowing how true it is.

I learned something new about my husband, or even men in general.  They have a "nothing box" and they like to go there frequently.  No wonder my husband seems disengaged at times.  It all makes sense now.

Since I missed a few sessions, I'll have to borrow his video and take a look at the rest of the portions that I missed.  Overall it appears that those who atteneded had a good time.  My prayer is that is individual who attended, walked away with something new and fresh that they can apply to their marriage. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my second daughter's 11th birthday.   Boy how time flies.  Due to one of her friends moving, we celebrated last week.  She wanted a Red Carpet Birthday party, so red carpet we did.  The girls had lots of fun and my husband played the role of a bouncer.

Today, as a family,  we had a special dinner and cake to wish Katelyn a happy birthday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Where were you?

There are a handful of dates that are stuck in my memory.  I will always remember where I was on those specific days.  Some of them bring happy memories, like my wedding day or the birth of my children.  Others bring to my memory times that are not so happy, like 9/11.

I had just started a new job at the local hospital. Even though my job would be working nights, I had to train for a week during the day.  I was sitting in my office entering data in the computer when a supervisor came in to say that a plane hit one of the World Trade Centers. 

My first thought, was how strange!  Wasn't air traffic control doing their job.  Did we know anyone who worked in the WTC?  Since my husband was from New York City, there was a good chance that we knew someone who worked there.

Then minutes later, we heard that another plane had gone into the second WTC.  I knew it was no accident at that point.  I picked up the phone and called my husband, who was at home with our almost four and one year old daughters.  I told him to turn on the TV right away.

For awhile, my co-workers and I went into the Same Day Surgery waiting room where the TV was on to catch the latest news coverage.  It was unfathomable what was taking place.  Too crazy that it didn't seem real.

That day will be forever in my memory.  By the end of the day, too many innocent lives were lost in the United States.  War came home and on our own soil.  If ever, a nation needed the Lord, this is one of those times.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Kindle E-books

I love to read!  And a free book makes it even better. Recenty I downloaded the Kindle app for my computer. Don't have a kindle?  You can get a free reader app here.

I have noticed that the prices change often and what is free today, might not be free tomorrow.  So hurry up and download these books today!

The Preacher’s Bride  by Jody Hedlund

A Hope Undaunted by  Julie Lessman

My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogal Sawyer

No Place for a Lady  by Maggie Brendan

A Daughter's Inheritance   by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

Craving God   by Lisa TerKeurst

Monday, September 5, 2011

Photos on our drive to Yongsan

We live about 25 miles north of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. There is a larger Army post in Seoul that we drive to on a regular basis. Some days it can take about one hour to get from our home to Yongsan, while on other days it can take up to two hours on more. Yesterday we drove down there to drop off Marissa at a friend's house. I took along my camera and shot a few pictures along the way.