Friday, June 29, 2012

Reorganizing Life

It seems like forever since I last posted and there was even a large gap in between there.  Life has been a bit unorganized, crazy and even hectic. 

The "Reader's Digest" version is that my four daughters and I left South Korea in April.  Due to a mistake on my husband's paperwork, he had to stay a month longer than his original DEROS date.  During the remaining time my husband had in Korea, the girls and I spent at my parent's house in Pennsylvania getting adjusted back to life in the USA and having time with the family that we had not seen in the last year or even two years. 

My husband arrived in the states at the end of May and we were on the go from the time he arrived.  Three days after his arrival we took a family vacation to Puerto Rico for 8 days where my girls met their grandfather (Angel's dad) for the first time.  We had a great vacation as we swam, went sightseeing and enjoyed a hike in the rainforest...which ended at a neat waterfall. 

Upon our return from Puerto Rico, our van arrived from South Korea and we were able to pick it up.  The next few days involved getting recalls and modifications on the van, packing and saying goodbye to my family.

Since my mother and sister-in-laws moved from NYC to North Carolina, we made our way south to spend a few days with them in their new home.  Time flew by and the next thing we knew we were on our way to Fort Campbell. 

In some ways I feel like we've been here for awhile, but in reality we have only been here for 9 days.  With signing a lease, moving in and getting our shipment of stuff from has been a whirlwind.  I just unpacked that last box today, though I still have much to put away.  Our small shipment (mainly personal items Angel used his last month in Korea) from Korea arrives tomorrow. 
And next week our shipment of belongings that has been in storage for the last 2 plus years in Texas should be arriving also.  WOW!!!

I am trying to take this time of transition and new things as a time to reorganize my life....and those of our family.  We are purging our stuff, taking a look at what is important and what can we really do without.  I am looking to God for the strength to get through each crazy day.

Maybe you haven't had all the changes taking place that we have had lately....but sometimes you need to just step back from the circle you are running in and re-evaluate what is going on in your life and ask yourself some hard questions.

Is what I am committed to helping or hindering my family?

Is my stuff getting in the way of my relationship with the Lord?

What is really important in life and are the things that we (as a family) are doing helping us grow closer to each other and God or not?

With a deployment looming in the makes me even more reflective and digging a little deeper as I answer these questions.