Friday, November 19, 2010

10 Favorite Movies

This is the last post in the 100 Things About Me Series and my second post for the day.

We are not movie fanatics.  You know, the kind of people who stay up til midnight to see the first screening of the day of a brand new movie.  We normally don't go to the movies because it just costs too much.  Here in Korea, we are able to see movies on post for free, so we have taken advantage of that benefit.  I have probably seen more movies in the last six months at a movie theatre than I have in the last six years.

Nowadays, its hard to find a good clean movie that the whole familiy can enjoy.  Even the movies targeted toward children have some kind of adult inuendos in them.  I have seen a few good movies that I like and would recommend to a friend.  So here they are. 

1.  Fireproof - When this came out on DVD, I bought it.  I love that this movie brings hope to families and marriages that would otherwise be hopeless.

2.  The Sound of Music - What is even more exciting is that my husband and I got to visit the area where this movie supposidly took place.

3. White Christmas - Our family watches this movie every year at Christmas time and sometimes when it's not Christmas too!

4.  Facing the Giants - another inspirational movie

5.  Rocky Balboa - I haven't seen this one in quite awhile but my husband and I watched his one night when all the kids were in bed.  I mainly watched it because he wanted me to but it ended up being a good movie.

6.  Christmas Shoes / Christmas Blessing - ok, maybe this one is up here because it's the holidays and I've become a bit sappy.

7.  Letters to God - I recently borrowed this movie and it made me cry. 

8. Princess Bride - an oldie but goodie.

9.  The Bourne Series -

10. Toy Story 3 - Since I have seen this one twice in the last few months, I thought I would list it. I really wasn't into the earlier Toy Story Movies but this one was pretty good. 

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