Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Military Life in Korea

Recently, my husband has called me during the his workday to ask for infomation or links on Korea and life here.  I decided to put a post on my blog about the different websites and resources available for families moving to or hoping to move to Korea.

My friend started a blog and has put a lot of information there, so let's start there.

The military has quite a few websites with information and links to what is going on with the units stationed here in Korea, living with families in South Korea, and much more.

United States Forces Korea -
Indianhead Publication (2 ID Newspaper) -
8th Army -
The Morning Calm (Command information newspaper) -
IMCOM (Installation Management Command Area) -

Command Sponsorship is what everyone is hoping to get, if your sponsor is assigned to Korea.  There is paperwork to be filled out, a medical screening to go through and information to be gathered.  Currently, Command Sponsorships are on hold and people are being wait listed due to the high number of families wanting to move to Korea with their soldier.  Below are some links to get you started.   wait list info  log in to view CSP status

Military forces in Korea are broken down into four different "Areas".  Area 1 refers to the military posts from the DMZ to Seoul.  Area 2 is the posts in the city of Seoul.  Area III consists of the area south of Seoul city to the middle of the penninsula, while Area IV is the southern most region of the country.  Life in each of these areas is different.  We live in Area 1, so that is the only location that I can speak about with certaininty.  If you have questions about the USAG Red Cloud/Casey area, feel free to email me.  Each Garrison, in each area, has their own website.  Once you know where you are headed in Korea, you can visit the specific website for the area where you are heading to get more detailed information.

Area 1 -
Area 2 -
Area 3 -
Area 4 -

I hope some of these links help for those of you hoping to move here in the near future.

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