Monday, January 30, 2012

Where to Next?

I'm glad the wait of knowing where the Army is sending us is over but things are just starting to get rolling.  We know the location but there is a difference in knowing WHERE we are going and knowing the area WHERE we are going to.  Does that make sense?  I hope so.

I must say...I am starting to feel overwhelmed.

The post where we have been assigned is actually located in two different states, with the state line running down the middle. If we live on post or off post (KY or TN), there are three different school districts represented.

I can google homes to rent or to purchase but finding out if the address of the house you found online is located in a decent area is another thing.  I have talked to people who live or have lived in this area but I am getting conflicting information.  I have heard that there are no "bad areas" and then I have heard that yes, there are some bad areas but I don't know where...I live in the other state.

I am praying that things work out and that the girls and I can return to the United States a few weeks early so I can do some recon on the area where we will be moving.  Since this is only our second duty station in the United States, I am wondering how do military families do it?

How do they move so often, to such different Army posts and find the right place to call home?  So if you've done this before and have any advice to offer me, I'm all ears.  Please, let me in on the secrets or tricks of the trade.  I'm ready with a pen in hand.

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