Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Kimchi Chronicles

This past summer while I was home visiting family in the states, my mom told me about a new series she found called The Kimchi Chronicles.  She thought it would be great show for me to watch since we live in South Korea.  While at my parents, I did not find an opportunity to catch the show.

The other night as I was browsing through our Korean Cable TV I came upon a show in English. It's always exciting to find a television show in English, so I stayed on the channel to see what it was about.  It appeared to be about South Korea, showing places to visit and cooking some traditional foods. I was really interested in the program but still had no idea what I was watching.  The next program that came on was The Kimchi Chronicles and I realized that it was the same show I had just watched.

The show follows Marja Vongerichten and her chef husband, Jean-Georges around Korea as they explore, cook and visit the different markets. Marja was born in Korea to an unmarried US Serviceman and a Korean woman.  She was given up for adoption at the age of 3 and was adopted by a couple, who the husband was stationed with the U.S. Army in Korea at the time.  She was raised in Virginia by her adoptive parents.  At the age of 19, she sought and found her birth mom. 

The Kimchi Chronicles is a look at the tastes and traditions of the culture in which Marja was born, but was not raised.  I really enjoyed the show because it gave me a glimpse of some sights in South Korea which I have yet to see. 

Hopefully I can cram in a few more places to visit before we move in the next few months.  Check out the video clip about The Kimchi Chronicles.

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