Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The news we've been waiting for...

You may have noticed that I am a bit late for posting Tuesday's post. Actually the day had an unexpected turn of events.

We had decided last week that when my husband received his next duty assignment, that he would tell us to "make dessert."  So yesterday, he called me and asked if I got his email.  I told him that I had not been on my computer for a few hours since our oldest daughter was using it for her online school.  He said to check my email.  I asked him if he could just tell me what he sent....then he said to make dessert.

Of course I had to ask him if he was serious and he said yes.  I asked if he could tell me and he said that as long as I don't tell the girls, so I agreed. 

Holding a secret from your kids is hard...especially when they see you making dessert.  See we don't make dessert during the week, so they knew that something was up.  Marissa and I made an apple pie as she pondered the news....where might we be going?

As soon as my husband got home from work, he was bombarded by excited children.  We calmed them down, sat them down and broke the news.

Well, we didn't get anything on our list (dream sheet of where we would like to go). We will be going back to the United States.  We will be within 14 hours driving of family. 

They all gave their guesses as to where we would be moving next, but none of the girls guessed correctly

So in case you are not on facebook and have seen my post, we are heading to Fort Campbell, KY.

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