Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Tax Filing for Military

With the tax season almost upon us, it is time to start thinking about filing your taxes.  All Active Duty W-2s will be available online at on January 24th and many tax centers on Army posts will begin to open soon after.  One of the great advantages of being military is that you can have your taxes done for free at the tax center on your local post.

If you would rather not take the time to wait at the tax center you can go to MilitaryOneSource where, through H &R Block, you can prepare your own taxes at home using their software and file them for free.

If your solider is deployed, you can still take advantage of the free tax filing service offered by the military.  Just make sure you have a Power of Attorney with you when you go for your appointment at the tax center.  For more information on filing your taxes while your spouse is deployed, click here.

While I have not used H & R Block's free tax filing service before, I have filed our taxes using the on post tax center.  Check them out and find what will work best for your family and situation.  Happy Tax Filing!

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