Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

While the eve of January 1st brings much celebration for those who live in the United States, the Lunar New Year is a big holiday here in Korea.  Our celebrations are done according to the calendar year but in Korea, China and other Asian countries, the lunar calendar decides when the celebrating begins.

Here in Korea, the Lunar New Year is a time when people return to their hometowns to pay their respect to their relatives.  Many people are travelling during this time and we were warned not to travel during this holiday, which lasts three days.  Someone told my husband that that a 4 hour trip might end up taking 20 hours to reach your destination.  Since I really don't need to shop or do some site seeing that bad, our family opted to just stay home during this holiday.

Since my husband was off for the day, we took a walk on the trails near our apartment and went into town to see if by chance any of the stores were open where we could get a snack.  Most of the restaurants and businesses were closed with the exception of a few convenience stores, fast food, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

Since it was only 23 degrees today, Baskin Robbins would not Dunkin Donuts it was!  We had an enjoyable family time in spite of the cold weather.  When we arrived home we warmed up with some hot chocolate. 

So whether you celebrate a calendar or lunar new year.....  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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