Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walking Paths

The other night, our neighbors, who have been here a few months longer than we have, took us on a tour of the walking paths located near our apartment complex. We had a great time walking and talking. Some of the terrain gave me a workout. All of the paths we were on were dirt and many of them were narrow. I almost slipped once but caught myself. Good thing I was carrying the camera or someone would have taken advantage of the situation and taken a nice blackmail picture. LOL
Also along the paths were areas where there was some workout equipment. Actually you see this all over Korea...workout equipment located outside in apartment complexes, parks, schools and even along the river. This time out we didn't stop for a workout, but next time I'll have to give the equipment a try.
After our walk, which in my opinion, burned a bit of calories, we headed to ColdStone Creamery and had a treat. Little by little we are getting to know our local area. I wonder what adventure we will embark on this week.

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