Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun with a friend

I must say that I was very worried about moving to Korea. It was honestly the last duty station in the world that I wanted to go to ever. But it's funny how God takes our NEVERS and makes them into EVERS. So here we are in Korea, the last place I ever wanted to be...I must say that the fears I had about moving here were unfounded or even imagined. Have you ever had a time(s) in your life where you went through something and look back and told yourself...if I knew the road I would have traveled, I would have taken a different path, yet through those challenges and circumstances, your faith grew. That's where I am...growing with God. Learning new things about my husband, my kids and myself as a parent.
I am very thankful that I have met some wonderful people with whom to share this two year journey. One of my friends I met through our kids. Since we live in an area in Korea that is not full of non-Koreans, the girls are always looking for Americans. While out on the playground one day, one of my girls made a new friend...he was Americdan. She brought him by the apartment and introduced me to him. I mentioned that I would have to meet his parents and within the hour, he had them down to meet me. That is how I met C&J.

I have had a great time getting to know our new neighbors. We have had lunched, walked into town and trekked the local walking paths. So, C and I decided to venture out and take our kids swimming at the local post pool. Since our husbands take the cars to work and it is at least a 20 minutes drive, we took public transportation. In the last few weeks, I have used both the bus and train systems here in Korea but this was Cs first time. So I was the one showing her the roaps. She had gone out the day before and purchased her T money (used for transportation here) and was ready to go. We took the bus from the back of the apartment complex to the train station. And then we took the train to the closet stop near our destination. I must say our trip went very smoothly and everyone had lots of fun.
I am not adventerous by nature, but when I can plan and do something with a friend, it always makes it easier. I have learned and I am still learning to step out of my comfort zone to try and to do new things. Living in Korea kind of forces you to do this, unless you want to live within the four walls of your apartment for 2 years. Not me!! With 4 kids, staying cooped up is no fun.

So let me encourage you to do something outside of your normal, typical self or routines. Stretch yourself to try something new. You might be surprised at the fun you can have.

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