Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Something to Laugh About

Since we are military living in Korea, we have the added benefit of the US Postal Service. Any mail that friends and family from the states want to send can be done at no additional cost, even though we are overseas. It's just like we live in New York and they are in Pennsylvania.

But in addition to our "US mailbox", which is located at Angel's work, we also have a mailbox here at our aparment building. Since we moved in about a month and a half ago, we have only recieved about two to three pieces of mail. One was an bill for the landlord and the other junk. So last week when I check the box and found this piece of mail in the box (see picture). To me, it appeared to be junk. I had recieved things like this in the looks like a plane ticket with numbers and dates and they want you to subscribe to something or join something to get a free ticket. So I impulsively put this in the paper recylcing bin in the house.
Later that evening, I was talking with my neighbor, who has lived in the complex for about 4 months now. She asked me if I got the gas bill today. I said...gas bill? No but I got a piece of junk mail. She asked if it was blue and I was about to say yes, but I started laughing so hard I couldn't speak. Through my laughing and crying I tried to tell her I thought it was trash and had put it in the circular file. Needless to say, I will check with my neighbor or realtor (we pay her the rent each month) before I throw anything else away that I find in my mailbox here at the apartment building. I hope the other stuff that I thought was junk...really was junk! LOL

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