Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Van and HHG Update

When we left Texas in March our HHG (household goods aka.. stuff) were packed up and put into storage waiting for the approval to be shipped. That approval came in the form of my husband obtaining an apartment here in Korea. So once the apartment lease was signed my husband was able to make an appointment with transportation to have our stuff released from storage in Texas and shipped to Korea. Unfortunately we ran into some snags and our stuff did not ship until June 11th. They could not give us an approximate arrival date but gave us a phone number to call for that information. When we finally made the call to track our stuff, we were told that our belongings would arrive in Korea by August 23rd. That's a long time to live without the things that make life easier, but we have managed. Actually the simple life is quite refreshing, though I think the girls wish their toys would be here quicker.

Our van we held onto longer than expected due to problems with the lender getting us a letter of approval to ship. We were finally able to take the van to be shipped out on June 2nd. They immediately gave us a date of no later to arrive than...August 11th. I have heard stories of early arrival and have been diligently tracking the vehicle online. This last week the status changed from possession of the ocean carrier--to ...enroute to destination. This is exciting for me because if you have read earlier posts, we are all squeezing in my husband's hooptie car. I had my husband make a follow up call and the answer we got was that is should arrive next week. YEH!!! Having my own car will make things much easier, since currently I have been relying on public transportation to get around during the week.

There is so much we take for granted about of lives in the states and being without has made me very grateful. What are you grateful for today? Take a few minutes to make a list of the things you are grateful for and share them with your spouse or kids. Challenge them to do the same thing. I think if we focus on all that we have, it will take our eyes off of the things that we think we are missing. I'm gonna have to do this with my kids tonight too!

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Nicole said...

UPDATE: Rec'd notice this evening that the van is ready to be picked up. To bad they are closed on weekends.