Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's definitely Monsoon season here in Korea. It started raining a few days ago and for all intensive purposes (it's only drizzling now) is still raining. The 10 Day Forcast....R A I N! Maybe you've never heard of monsoon season and you are wondering what in the world am I talking about....well, monsoons are also referred to as rainy seasons. Here in Korea it lasts about a month or so. I have heard different timelines of when it begins and ends. Some say it begins in July and ends in August, while others say it's from late June to late July. In either case, there will be about a month of rain.

Thankfully I partially prepared ahead of time and bought enough umbrellas for my family and fitted the kids with rain boots. The little ones even have raincoats, though I am thinking I should have purchased some wet weather gear for me too! I guess it's not too late since I have another 3 plus weeks of this weather.
Hope I can find a sale on rainboots ;)

Monsoon Safety Gram

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