Thursday, July 8, 2010

Underground Mall in Uijeongbu

When I heard that there was an underground mall here in Korea, I thought that was strange. I don't ever remember hearing about underground shopping in the USA. So we decided to venture out to find it. Since I had to stop on post before our shopping trip, I asked someone who has lived in Korea for the last year if she's been there before....not only has she but she gave me easy directions on how to get there.
We took the bus from post, since parking in Uijeongbu is not always easy to find. We took the bus to the train station and got off. The landmark we were told to look for was Baskin Robbins, and there it was right across the street. After we crossed the street, we looked for a sign or entrance to the underground mall. The only thing we saw was the subway entrance, but this entrance was not marked with the line number, nor the direction the train is suppose to be heading.

We decided to go down the stairs and check it out. When we got to the bottom of the steps the door we walked through said shopping, so we knew we were in the right place. Basically they have taken the old underground subway station and converted into a shopper's paradise. Most of the stores were either clothing, shoes, jewerly or cell phones. I think there were more cell phone shops than any other.
Since we were shopping over the lunch hour, the girls saw something familiar and asked if we could eat there.....Burger King. Most of the food was similar...whopper, whopper jr, fries, coke but there was also a bulgogi burger. Bulgogi is a marinated barbequed beef and is quite tasty, though no one opted to try it out. The cost was comprable to a combo meal in the states if you live in a large city. The Whopper Meal costs 6900 won or $5.62.

After everyone was finished eating, we decided to try something different....shaved ice red bean. I have attached a picture of our dessert. The bottom part is just shaved ice. On top of that was a red bean in a syrup, similar to a compote. A little ice cream was on top of that with some small pieces of fruit. Most of our family tried it...we have one who is not so adventurous, but I won't mention the name of my first born. LOL

Not only was there underground shopping but there we also lots of shops and even markets with all types of things for sale. In addition to what was at the underground market, there was also grain, produce, fish and homemade food products. There was so many places that we did not make it through the entire area. I guess we'll just have to go back another day!

The girls were getting tired of all the walking we were doing, so we took a break under the trees and the little ones put their feet in the water path (not sure what is really is called). They had a nice time cooling off before we headed back to post to get in our car and drive home.

We had a great day in Uijeongbu and getting to know a little more of our "new home".

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