Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Neighborhood Restaurant

The other night we were out running errands and the next thing I new it was 6:00PM and we were still in the car driving home. Everyone was trying to talk me into going out for dinner but I would not have it. We could eat peanut butter and jelly if we had to. You see I am frugal and hate spending money eating out all the time. I'd rather put that money in the savings account and watch it grow.

So as we approached the apartment complex, everyone kept buggin to grab something out. I finally gave in when Angel suggested we try one of the places across from the apartment complex...you know support the local economy. Now I am not one for fried foods but a good ole fried chicken every now and then isn't gonna kill me...is it. So Angel ordered some food, while I took the girls back to the apartment. It seemed to take him a while but afterwards I found out that they cut and cooked the chicken while he waited...so it was fresh. It came with some side dishes and soda also.
The girls loved the chicken...in fact, they devoured it!!! We had no chicken left over at all. Now the side dishes were a different story. Only Angel liked the one(which we are still not sure what it is) and the other was just shredded cabbage with a glob of sauce on it. Over all, everyone was satisfied. We are thinking that it's a chain restaurant here in Korea, but were not 100% sure.

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