Friday, July 16, 2010

Gotta love a sale

While living overseas, I am missing walking into a store and finding a great sale and then having an additional coupon for that item and saving even more money. Kohl's has been my store of choice when it comes to clothing and home goods but I don't like shopping online for things. It's just not the same. You can't feel the material, see the actual color or even try on the item that tickles your fancy. Online shopping for clothing is definitely not for me.

I also miss the grocery stores in Pennsylvania that double your coupons and even have "triple your coupon" weeks. Where we used to live in Hanover, there were three grocery store chains within one mile of each other. I would buy the Sunday paper, pull out the ads and circle away. Then I would go through my coupon box...yes, I said box, not just an envelope, and pull out all the coupons that matched the sale items. I just love paying pennies for products or even getting things for free. If it was free but not a product I would use, no problem, there had to be someone at church who could benefit from my thrifty ways.
Here I can shop on the economy (meaning at local Korean stores) or I can use the Commissary. Yes, the Commissary does take coupons and even expired ones (up to six months past the expiration date) but they don't double and especially not triple. I still do my best to look for the deals and stock up when I can.

This week at the Commissary I hit the payday. There were lots of fruits on sale and I just had to have some. Strawberries were 99cents a lb, melons 28cents a lb, blueberries 1.49 a lb. I was so excited about the deals I found this week. The girls were helping me unload the groceries and laughing at how much I had bought. Of course they had to ask, "Was there a sale?"

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Cami said...

LOL funny post. I need to go and purchase some fruit tomorrow when Jeff can help me get it home.