Friday, July 9, 2010

A Taste of Korea

As I remember to actually do this, I will post pictures of some of the foods that we have tried while living here in Korea. I now have a small camera that easily fits in my purse and I can capture our two years living overseas in pictures.
I am backtracking in our timeline here a little bit to tell you about a few shopping trips that we had made to the local stores. These are Super Walmart type stores and the three that are local to us are HomePlus, Lotte Mart and EMart. Usually when we go shopping, we make sure to stop by the back of the food section where they are selling food and handing out samples. We have made a habit of purchasing a bakery item each time we go that we have not tried before.
This past trip, we puchased what looked like a filled croisant and a croisant with some type of crumb topping of the outside. The filled ones were extremely yummy...filled with a delicous cream. The others were good too but not as wonderful :)

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