Monday, August 9, 2010

Shopping on the economy

This past weekend my family went shopping at two local stores.  I  would say they are similar to a Super Walmart in that they carry food, clothing, sporting goods, appliances, etc.  While we were there, I noticed quite a few products here in Korea that we buy in the USA.  I thought  I would  put together a small photo journal of our trip.

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jemilyea said...

I love grocery shopping in other countries! If you're slightly homesick, it's good to see familiar foods/name brands.

I'm curious about the Lipton tea. Is it a cinnamon tea? An ice tea mix? Is Korea one of the Asian countries where Lipton sells the 3-in-1 milk tea? I like it hot or cold. It's the tea, milk, and sugar all in one mix and doesn't taste like powdered instant tea at all. I wish I could buy it in the US.