Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Major cultural differences

There are many differences between Eastern and Western cultures.  Some are very noticable while others are not as noticable until you are in a situation to observe them.  Here I have listed a few.  Everyday we are learning about our "new home".  I hope I am learning enough not to offend indivduals from our host nation.

Eastern Culture                                      Western Culture
- mutual dependence                                          - independence
- harmony with nature                                         - control nature
- hierarchy                                                          - equality
- conformity with group                                       - individuality
- marriage is based on what is appropriate          - marriage based on love
- subtle, indirect communication                          - open, direct communication
- love expressed through mutual obligation           - loved expressed openly, verbally
- stress on interpersonal  harmony                        - stress on individuality
- life shaped by position in family, gender and age - life shaped by own efforts
- woman's reason for being is wife and mother       - woman's choices as broad as man's

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