Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving Up - Korean Style

We have been living here in Korea for two months now..I can't believe how time is flying.  My husband found out this week that our belongings should be arriving in country this weekend and will be released once they have gone through customs. That's the good news.  The not so great news is that it could take two weeks or longer to get cleared through customs.  I am praying that it is even less than that.

I will post pictures of our move and apartment once our things get here but I thought in the meantime I would post some pictures about moving...Korean style.  Because we live on the first floor of our apartment building, this method of moving will not be used for us when our things get here.

Since Korea is densely populated, the most efficient use of space is to build up.  You will see 5 story buildings in town and on each floor are different store and businesses.  Same with housing.  About a mile from our apartment, they have torn down whatever was there before and you can see their plans to build huge 15 story or more apartment complexes in place of whatever was there before.

So if you live in all but the first floor of an apartment complex in Korea, your belongings are not brought up a service elevator or even the stairwell like in the states.  A huge lift is set up outside the building and your stuff is put on this lift and run up and down the side of the building.  I grabbed a few pictures the other day as someone across the way from me was moving out.

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megan said...

I blogged about this when our stuff arrived in country. It is quite the experience! I have lots of pictures of the process from the inside and outside of our apartment. You should check it out. It was definitely the most efficient move I've ever taken part in, and I have moved A LOT!