Monday, August 23, 2010

Mail Call

Today was an exciting day for mail call here at our house.  My husband called to ask if I could send someone down to help bring the boxes up from the parking garage.  So the little girls and I went down to help.  They were so excited to see all the mail and boxes.  Part of the reason for such an accumlation of mail is that last week my husband was out of the area visiting soldiers from his unit and he was away for two nights...meaning he didn't get the mail.  Then on Friday, he was catching up on counseling and things that didn't get done while he was away, the mailroom was not open by the time he finished his day.

So today was the day.  We recived our homeschool curriculum that I had purchased from a friend, a box of business cards that are being used to advertise a Ladies Bible Study and two boxes from a friend of mine from college, Tracy, and her family.  The girls love helping, expecially opening boxes and when they opened the boxes from Tracy & family, the ooohhs and ahhhs started.  Oh mommy...look at this....oh this is my favorite...can I wear these bows now. I love this gum.  Is this for me?  Can you tell that they were excited?  LOL

So I want to give a shout out to Tracy and her wonderful family. We appreciate you thinking of us as we serve here in Korea.  It was such a treat to get things that we have missed, just love or can't buy because of the price.  You have blessed our family tremendously.

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