Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Has Arrived

I'm excited to say that after waiting for over eleven weeks, our belongings from the states have finally made their way here to Korea. We received the call last week that our HHG (HouseHoldGoods) would be arriving on Tuesday, 24 AUG.  I was say the least.  Our appointment time was scheduled for 1:00 PM to 5:00PM.  That gave me enough time to run to the store for milk, sweep and mop the floors and have the kids to my friend's house at 12:30PM.

I forgot that the Commissary didn't open until 11AM, so I was running a little late. At 11:10AM, my daughter called me from home to say that someone was at the door asking for my husband.  I told her not to let anyone in but to call her dad on his cell because he was on his way to run an errand before coming home.  The next call I got was from my husband...the moving company was at the house and he was heading right there.  I needed to make my way home ASAP.  So I cut my grocery shopping short and headed home.

As I arrived, they were opening up the first crate of stuff. Whew, I made it just in time.  My job was to circle each item number on the inventory control sheet as they brought in the items and boxes and to mark if anything was damaged. Since we were only allowed to send half of our belongings to Korea, I knew it shouldn't take longer than 3 or so hours to unload and bring everything into the house. Not unpacking and setting up is a different story. The crew was very efficient and beds were put together before the lunch we ordered for them had even arrived. 

These are the pictures of the moving crew unloading and moving our stuff into the apartment.  I spent the rest of the evening unpacking and setting up the apartment.  At 9PM last night I crashed!!  My legs and feet hurt from being on them most of the day.  This morning I was up bright and early trying to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and everything put away.  Since I didn't finish until just  recently, I will have to take some "AFTER" pictures and post them tomorrow. I'm a bit tuckered out and need to get some sleep.  Good night!


Monica@DailyDwelling said...

So glad that everything arrived safely for you. It's always nice when the movers arrive early to begin work :)! I'm married to a chaplain in the Army and we're in VA after a tour in Germany. Just stopping by to say hi!

Nicole said...

Hi Monica..thanks for stopping by :) It's nice to meet other Army chaplain's wives. I miss my group of CH wives from Fort Hood...they were a great group of women. Hope you are enjoying VA. I miss the east coast.