Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Afternoon with a Friend

Yesterday, my friend asked me to go out to lunch with her.  Since it was a day off for my husband and he already had the little girls, I was able to get away.  I thought that we were just going to meet at the PX Food Court, but Vikki said, "no way."  She wanted to take me to someplace better than that. So I got in my car and followed her down the main road a little ways.  Since parking is not easy to find near the restaurant, we parked my car on a side road and I hopped into her vehicle. 

The type of restaurant that she took me to was a Kalbi House.  It was a buffet where you choose your foods and then take them to your table, which is low to the ground, and cook your own meats there. Some people may call them "Beef and Leaf" because you cook your meat (beef, pork, squid, etc) and then wrap it in a leaf with your sides and eat it.  We had a great time at the restaurant and I'm hoping to take my husband back to try it out too.

It was also a market day yesterday.  That means that on the days that end in 5 or 0, vendors set up along the streets in a particular area to sell their wares.  There was everything from umbrellas, stockings and shoes...to fruits, veggies and fish. While we didn't take the time to shop, we did drive through the market area and I was able to snap some pictures.

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Cami said...

Looks like you had a great time.