Thursday, September 30, 2010

One of those days...

My goal is to post everyday, but yesterday was just one of those days that I never got around to doing it. I had great plans for the day. Don't we all though. In the morning, my friend and I were going to head to another post for PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel). We live about 30 minutes away, so we had to load up the kids and head out by 8:30AM to be there in time.

While I was checking the two younger girls into Watchcare, I received a call from the school. Kate had gone to the nurse's office with pain in/behind her ear. She wanted to let me know because if it persists, she should be taken to the Dr. The school would not administer any medication but I could bring some and give it to her myself if I wanted. At least we were on the same post as the school, so I thought I might do that after Ladies Bible Study.

We had a good morning at PWOC and afterwards a few of the ladies went out for lunch. During our conversation, a friend told me about a problem her child had with swelling behind the ear and how crucial it ended up being. Thinking about her story and the fact that Kate had expressed pain two days ago, I thought I should take her to the clinic.

Thankfully the only clinic for families in Area 1, is also located on the same post at PWOC and the school. Since the girls still needed their chicken pox booster, I pulled the two from school and headed to the clinic. This was around 1PM. I was told the next appointment they had available for Kate to be seen at the Urgent Care Clinic was at 5PM. I told them no thank you. I had been on post all morning and I was not waiting around to 5PM, I would treat her myself. I then inquired about the shot clinic for their booster shots and was told I needed an appt. Why should you need an appointment for a walk in clinic. UGH!

I decided that we had wasted our time and was going to leave when I was told that the Peds Dr. would squeeze her in and they could give the booster shots if we could wait 20 minutes. Well, we waited and 1 1/2 hours later we were finally finished.

Since I was at the post that had a photographer, I decided we might as well do passport photos for the girls' civilian passports. After getting a snack and gift for a friend's new baby, we arrived home a little before 5PM. With nothing planned for dinner, I took the girls outside to play and decided we would just throw something together to eat at 6PM.

Wow, where did my day go. After dinner, showers, and homework, I was exhausted and forgot all about posting. Have you ever had one of those days? It's great to have plans but sometimes plans get pushed aside and reality sets in. Life takes over. Those are the days that I am thankful for the body of friends, who encourage me and help me see the bigger picture. I am overwhelmed by His grace in the midst of my circumstances. I am blessed to serve a living God that loves and cares for me.

Hope your day was not as crazy as mine but remember... His grace is sufficient!

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