Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

This post is a few hours too late for Korea time but back in the USA, it's still my daughter's birthday.  My second daughter is now 10 years old.  WOW...double digits...she is so excited!

We had a huge birthday party at our house last night.  We invited her friends and their families over for dinner.  I cooked up 6 pounds of taco meat, marinated 6 pounds of chicken for fajitas, along with rice and beans and chips & salsa.  Oh and don't forget the guacamole my husband made.  It was delish! We had about 36 people here last night to celebrate.  We ate, we talked, we sang...Karaoke that is.

When my husband was downrange last year, they did karaoke every week as a fun morale building thing with the soldiers on his FOB (Forward Operating Base). He enjoyed it and tried talking me into getting our own machine.  With redeployment, orders to Korea and  moving, it never happened.  So a few weeks ago we found a MagicSing on sale and we got it!

Karaoke at the birthday party
 I'm not sure who was singing here but everyone had a great time.  Some people avoided the mic like the plague while others took multiple turns.

I made all the food for the party myself and the biggest hit had to be the birthday cake.  I made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  There was none left, even though I had two other desserts.

Her daddy bringing her the cake as we sing

So my little girl is not so little anymore!  She is growing up way too fast.  Happy Birthday to you!! We love you and are blessed by your joy and enthusiasm for life.

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