Monday, September 27, 2010

Herb Island

We have decided that we will take every opportunity available to us to sightsee here in South Korea. Since my husband's duties as a chaplain require him to work every Sunday, our only opportunity to do this is on Saturdays. We have been making a list of places that are located within an hour or two of where we live that we would like to see. Herb Island has been at the top of that list but it seems that other things keep coming up and it has been over a month since we originally planned to go there.  But this weekend we made the trip there and we had a great time.
Creek at the bottom of the entrance to Herb Island

One of the many waterfalls

Breanna with Pooh of the girls took this one

View from up top the hill

Animals we saw

One of the girls took this one too!

Me & the three younger girls. The oldest doesn't want her picture taken.

Beautful waterfall and fountain

I'm not sure why it is called an Island...because is really is not one.  It is definitely herb filled and beautiful.  Since we went on a Saturday, it was extremely crowded.  They opened up a parking lot at the local primary school and we had to walk from there.  The cost is very reasonable.  Since we couldn't read the age for what prices, it appears to be 3000 won for teens and up and 2000 won for children.  In total we paid 15000 won for the six of us.

There are herbs, plants and flowers everywhere.  The girls went a little crazy with the cameras and we have over 200 pictures of everything they loved seeing.  There are lots of waterfalls, a small animal area with deer, rabbits, turkeys and chickens and a few different places where you can purchase food or snacks.  One of the things I noticed was the smell.  With all the different herbs growing, it was a very fragrant place.  The widely used bush that was planted at Herb Island had to the the Rosemary bush.  They were everywhere...walls and walls of them.

You definitely do a lot of walking, so make sure you are wearing your sneakers.  Even the little girls did great with all the hills and paths we went along.  They have a few stores at Herb Island also.  In one of them you can purchase plants or herbs for your garden.  It was here that I was able to get a small rosemary plant and lemon thyme. My two plants cost only 6000 won, which I think is a good deal.

If you are able to go to Herb Island, you want to take Route 3 past Camp Casey.  Look for signs for route 368.  Make a right here and follow this windy route for a few miles.  Herb Island will be on the left behind the Samjeong Primary School.
One of the many locations to pose for a picture.

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