Tuesday, September 7, 2010

McD's in Korea

With the holiday weekend, my husband had some time off from work and we were able to do some thing as a family.  We heard that there was a free standing McDonald's with a playplace not to far from our apartment, so we took the three younger girls on our trip to Pocheon.  They were so excited when they recognized the restaurant. 

We went inside so they could play for awhile. The cashier spoke no English but had a little menu that we could point at what we wanted to order. In Korea, Happy Meals come with a choice of french fries or a side of corn. I'm not sure if the corn was cold or hot corn since our crew wanted the fries.  The food tasted like much of what I had remembered eating back in the states (though I did not eat McD's very much since my fast food restaurant of choice is Chick FilA ).  We even ordered dessert...a small cone for 500 won...or about 45 cents.

The girls were excited to see something familiar and play at an indoor play place, which they haven't done since we left the states in June. 

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