Friday, September 24, 2010

Love Dare...Deployment Style

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Today my girls asked if they could watch a movie.  I said sure...go ahead and pick one.  They ended up choosing Fireproof.  Since this movie came out, we have owned it and have watched it often.  Last year when my husband was deployed and I was missing him, I would pull out this movie, cuddle up on the sofa with my blanket & a cup of tea and watch it.

While our family is not in the midst of a deployment, many of my friends from our last post are getting ready to go through or are currently experiencing a deployment.  I have been watching their posts on facebook as they wait to hear from their loved one....have they arrived in Kuwait?  did they make it to their FOB (forward operating base) safely? 

Their posts reminded me of what my husband and I went through last year when he was deployed to Iraq.  Trying to stay in touch with each other. Keeping the marriage alive.  Parenting from a distance. Life and marriage can be hard enough but having to do it in the midst of being separated adds an even different dynamic.  But let me encourage you that there is hope.  There are so many ways to stay connected, even while separated. 

One of the ways that you can keep the flame going in a marriage facing deployment is the 40 Days of Deployment Dare  that is put out by the folks at  Check out their site, as they also post weekly devotionals.

If you haven't seen Fireproof yet, run out and buy or borrow a copy and watch it tonight.  I still cry as certain scenes in the movie unfold.  Yes, I can be sappy.  I think I've grown more so that way since my husband joined the Army and our family went through deployment .  I hope you take the time to check out the movie and if you are going through or in the middle of a deployment, check out the 40 Days of Deployment Dare.

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