Friday, September 17, 2010

The Breakfast of Champions

When we lived in Texas, my sister and I would talk almost everyday, but since our move to Korea, we are lucky if we get to talk once  a week.  That's a big change for me.  I miss my conversations with my little sis.  So the other morning I decided to call my sister back in the states and see how she and her family are doing.  Because of the time change (we are 13 hours apart), I need  to talk to her after 9:00PM (Korea time) or anytime after I wake up until 9:30 AM (my time).

I made the call at 8:20AM, hoping to reach her before she put her five kids to bed.  Of course it ended up being a night where she wanted to get everyone in bed early.  I told her she could call me back the next morning but she said NO...when do we get the chance to talk. We had a great time talking and 40 minutes later we ended our conversation.

BUT, during my time on the phone, my two little girls kept interupting.  I told them..."mommy is on the phone with aunt natalie...please don't interrupt."  Well that really didn't work...they were hungry.  Since my phone is corded and not a very long one at that, I  could not help get them breakfast.  I told them to grab a granola bar or a bowl of dry cereal.  The next thing I hear is the littlest one crying  because her sister had chips and she did  not. At that point, I told her...just get what you want.  I really didn't want to be bothered and if they were quiet for those few minutes that I was able to talk to my sister, I was ok with that.

Once I got off the phone  I check on the girls to see if they had gotten some breakfast.  To my surprise, they were eating chocolate pop tarts, doritos and a glass of milk. Ah yes, the breakfast of champions!!

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