Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I broke my own rule

I don't know about you but I have my own set of rules for life. Some of these rules can be applied to parenting...such as do not discipline out of anger or when you are angry. While others have to do with finances....my husband and I make decisions together when the purchase of an item it more than $50.00. Some of our rules are written down...those mainly apply to how we should treat others, while others are just known.... This is the type of rule that I have broken.

I should know better...but I gave in anyway. I broke my own rule. What is my husband going to think of me? What are others going to say? Maybe they won't find out...unless of course they happen to read this blog.

This is what I did..... I went grocery shopping when I was hungry. But really, I couldn't help it.
We did storytime at the library and the girls wanted to finish their pictures, so we ran late. Then they had to find the books that they wanted to check out, so that took some more time. The next thing I knew, it was lunchtime (1200PM) and I hadn't eaten since 8:00AM and I was hungry. But I went to the Commissary anyway, we needed milk.

See grocery shopping while your hungry isn't the whole story...it's what I bought, ate and then hid. They didn't have chocolate pop tarts...so I was good there. The cookies were too expensive, so they were out the question. It was the last isle that killed me. Yes, you know what I am talking about don't you. It was the ice cream isle.

It was calling my name. I couldn't ignore it now could I? So I found something that I like that was on sale and put it in my cart. One little ice cream won't hurt me. I hid them from my younger girls who were shopping with me. I was able to sneak an ice cream and drive home. But we didn't get home yet and the ice cream were going to melt, so I had to have another.....and then another. I thought...they can't be more than 100 calories or so.

NOT. After eating a few (I will not confess all here) ice creams, I had to rip up the box and find a place to stash it. There was no way I was going to put it in the recycling at home. Someone would surely find out. So now, 640 calories later...I am feeling regret, shame and disappointment in myself. I should never have broken my rule of not to shop while I am hungry. I guess there is always next time...and hopefully I'll go with a full stomach, instead of an empty one.

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