Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prayer for Egypt

This post is not an original one from me.  I have copied a few facebook postings  and a letter from a friend with whom I went to college.  He is originally from Cairo, Egypt, though he currently lives in the United States.  He happens to be in Egypt with a ministry team. His parents still live in Egypt.  He has sent out the following letter and pictures.
Dear Friend,
I am currently in Cairo, Egypt with my family and with our ministry team.  As you have watched on the news reports, Cairo is in a crisis and it is utter chaos.  In fact, all of Egypt has been affected. I am asking you to pray for Egypt, for the Christian pastors and for the people in Egypt. 
As the police and military have been dealing with the massive groups of protestors, it has left our streets, our homes and the neighborhood shops without protection or security.  Although a curfew was instilled, vast amounts of people have defied the curfew. Without the local protection, area shops and stores have been attacked by looters and thieves. In fact in the neighborhood the local police station was torched and nearly every shop has been broken into.   
As I walked into to the streets, I saw the owner of the men's clothing store where I often buy shirts sitting on the curb weeping , as he had lost his entire inventory and life savings.  The store where we bought appliances for our apartment was completely cleaned out.  A mobile phone store emptied.   In Egypt, these small business owners do not have insurance to cover their losses. They feel broken, violated and robbed of the fruits of their labor and of their future.
Today the government announced that they cannot secure protection of the people.  Due to the exhausted efforts of the police and military, individuals are being forced to protect their own homes and shops.  Tenants of our apartment building and the entire neighborhood have begun to rally.  On every street corner, more than 50 men stand with sticks to fight away the thieves and looters that are attempting to enter buildings and homes.  Instead of staying alone inside apartments and facing intruders, individuals are creating a civilian army and human barriers.
The violence continues as our local Police station torched, Police cars, and trucks burned.  Looters are now entering the neighborhoods in stolen ambulances and police cars as disguise for further robbery.   It breaks my heart to see the lawlessness of people.  I have witnessed great violence and a lack of respect for humanity.  We are at a turning point for Egypt.  We need your prayers more than ever.  We need your help to reach out to those who are broken, hurting and in a state of hopelessness.  There is great fear in amongst the Christians at the size of the Islamic Brotherhood and their role in the Future of Egypt! 
Burned We know the only Hope is JESUS.  Pray that this will be an opportunity to extend the Gospel forth in Egypt.  We stand on the Scripture:  I John 4:4 "...You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."  My father, Rev. Samir, Connie and I want to ask you to pray for Egypt, for the Ministry of the Gospel, for Operation Serve, for our family.   

Prayer for Egypt:  
Lord we ask you to Block further violence and crime in Egypt that no more lives will be lost! Give us peace and order in Egypt. Lord, we appeal for your Hand to intervene and pray that Egypt will institute a democratic government and leadership to allow freedom and lift the Christian persecution. Lord, we ask you to turn the eyes of all people to you!  May Jesus be revealed your people, for you are our answer in the time of trouble.  Lord, we have Hope in you as the Author and Finisher of our faith!
Just posted on Facebook: 
A Worldwide Tow-Day Call for Prayer for the nation of Egypt
Thursday and Friday February 3 & 4, 2011     
Jesus escaped to Egypt for protection, now Egypt desperately needs Jesus’ protection. 
Thursday and Friday February 3 & 4, 2011, will be two pivotal days for Egypt’s future. Many government oppressors are calling for Friday to be “Departure Day,” for the president and to accomplish that they will form the biggest demonstration yet. Considering the fact that Wednesday’s violent clash between the president’s supporters and oppressors was the bloodiest day in Egypt yet. 
Please pray for:
1- A safe resolution to this crisis without further shedding blood and preserving the liberty of the people
2- Confusion and fear to be gone and hope to be restored to the people and
3- Jesus to be glorified and His Kingdom extended in this crisis
4- The church to be a light house during this time
...Please pass this e-mail on to as many believers as you can

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