Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist

I am the type of person that would buy something for my children or husband instead of myself.  There are many times that my husband has to tell me, "please go and buy something for yourself."  At times I am overly frugal and will cut corners even though we have the money for the things that could make the project or life a little easier.
I don't collect anything.  I hate clutter.  I'm not big on impractical things.  Most of what I would choose would make my life easier in the kitchen and around the house.
So this year I decided to dream big...LOL I am not asking for any of these things but they are on my wishlist. After the holidays, if I end up deeming that they might be necessary, I might save up for one of them. These are in no particular order.
1. SLR Camera

2. BOSCH Universal Mixer Plus

3. Pasta Maker       I have no idea what kind of pasta maker is good.  I have never made pasta from scratch, so if you have a pasta machine that you like, please let me know.  I am open to suggestions.

4.  I Touch
5. House - We are living in an apartment here in Korea.  Almost every week, Breanna (4) will ask, "when do we get to move to our house?"  I try to explain that this is our home, but she is thinking that we should have our own house.  One day I would like to have my own house too Breanna!  I have begun to save toward this one.  Maybe by the time Angel retires in 20 years, we'll have enough money put aside to pay cash for a home.
6. New Family Room Sofas - The set we currently have used to be my grandmother's . It's not super old (only 10 years old) but it has seen it's share or wear and tear.  I would love to get something that is comfortable, cozy, and large enough not only for our family of 6 but for guests also.  It needs to be able to be easily cleaned and can take constant moves.
What's on your Christmas wish or dream list?  Have you had your eye on something?  These material things I have chosen will eventually fade away or be destroyed.  Tomorrow I will share my Christmas wishlist of those things which neither moth nor rust will destroy.

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