Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good Intentions

At the beginning of November, I came across some wonderful ideas on the internet.  I went through the different blogs and bookmarked the ones that I wanted to do with the girls this holiday season.  I was excited!

The next thing I knew, it was already Thanksgiving and I had not taken the time to gather what I needed to carry out my great ideas.  But I still have least that is what I told myself.  I pulled up a few of the blogs and made some notes.

Then it was December....and here I am with these great plans in my head and good intentions  of things I wanted to complete, yet I have not done a single one of them.

WHY did I start off so strong and yet end so poorly?  I am in the process of evaluating why I have not followed through. I had an interesting conversation with my husband today about how together I was during his year long deployment to Iraq last year yet I seem to be lacking enthusiasm lately.  And it's not just with putting together some great projects and things for our family to do together.  

It is in my parenting....staying on top of my kids role in the FRG....our homeschool schedule and more.  

I don't want to blame it on the craziness of our lives the last year because even though it may have contributed to things, it is not entirely to blame.  Maybe it's because I am not entirely content living here in Korea and miss my family back in the states.  I've noticed that my husband and I have not really had the time necessary to reintegrate our lives since he returned from deployment.

I know that there is probably not one single thing that has contributed to my good intentions only being that...just good intentions...but a compilation of things.  I guess it's time to get serious with myself and make some changes.

Ah, the magic word....CHANGE.  I really don't like that word, even though I know it's a part of life.  Do any of us like that word?  When we first got orders to Korea, I was so excited about the upcoming change.  BUT now that I am here, I wish I was back in Texas.

Since life is about learning, growing and changing and we are all lifetime students, I should kick it in gear and stop fooling around in class and get serious.  I am a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend.  I have a job to do and no one is going to do it for me.  So it's time to take those good intentions a little further and make them a reality.

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Yet, do not try to DO so much that you forget to BE, my dear friend...