Sunday, June 20, 2010

Transportation in Korea

Today marks our 15th day in Korea. The last two weeks have been busy. I am thankful that even though we don't have our van yet, my husband has a "hooptie" to drive. You might be asking...what is a hooptie? Well, let me tell you about our little car. We have a four door 1993 Hyundai. One door does not open and the driver's side door needs to be lifted up, in order to open it. The front and rear bumper are cracked, but still there. One of the fog lights is smooshed and doesn't work. There is a radio...but it doesn't work. And the driver's side window goes down but has trouble going back up and needs a little assistance. All in all, this car gets our family where we need to go. All four girls fit quite uncomfortably in the back seat, but it works. I have attached a picture of our little "Hooptie".

Another option for transportation is public transportation, which consists of busses and subways. I have been told that this option is very reasonable in regard to price. Tomorrow we will be venturing out on the trains as we take a trip down to Seoul. I have been on a bus and subway in NYC but the language barrier here could prove to make things difficult. I'll let you know tomorrow :)

We could also take a taxi, but with so many kids, we would probably have to take more than one to move our family where we need to go. A friend of mine took one from our neighborhood to the closest post, which is about 6 miles and it ended up costing her 20,000 won. (about 18 dollars) So this is not the most cost effective method of transportation.

I pray my van makes it here sooner than later so that we can comfortably move our family where we need to go. If you have never been to Korea, they drive like those who are from New York City, so my husband is very much at home. LOL

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Janine said...

Hang in there! I remember living in Spangdahlem Germany with Tony. One day the entire wheel fell off the little car I was driving! Just FELL OFF! Least all 4 wheels are staying on!