Thursday, June 24, 2010

Learning all over again

I have been baking bread from scratch for over a year now. Last November, I began grinding my own grain for flour. We have enjoyed eating fresh baked bread on a daily basis...well at least we did until recently. When we arrived in Korea, we used store bought bread because my bread pans came from the US broken. I have since purchased a new pan...a metal one this time....and have attempted to bake my homemade fresh bread. BUT it's not working. I can not seem to get my oven to work for me.

I am used to dealing with a large oven and temperatures in farenheit, but here my oven is very small and the dial has the temps in celcius. I went online, found a conversion chart and thought I was ready to go. That is not the case. I set the temp to what should be 350 degrees farenheit (177 celcius) but my bread didn't bake right. I added more time and it still was not cooked correctly. Maybe I need to see what the altitude is where we are and see if I need to make an adjustment for that.

It's getting frustrating for me. It's like I need to learn how to make bread all over again. I have since baked three loaves, using two different recipes. The third loaf has come out better than the first two, but it could be the different recipe that I used, which is not my normal bread recipe. I am hoping that I will get the kinks worked out in my bread baking and we again can enjoy fresh homemade bread each day!


Anonymous said...

Nicole -
Try raising your temp. I have to bake our bread at 400 F instead of 350 here in Korea.


Jennifer said...

Nicole, I have had to adjust here in Colorado for high altitude - that may be what you have to do. I have had to increase the temp by 20 degrees and decrease baking soda/powder & yeast by 20%. After that it still takes a little experimenting, but it does get you closer to where you want to be. Good Luck!

Army wife and SAHM said...

Thanks for your recommendations, I will try them and let you know how things turn out. :)