Monday, June 28, 2010

Never thought I would be doing this....

I am learning that one should never say "I will never". When my husband initally put in his dream sheet last year for his next duty station, I said to him, "I'll got anywhere BUT Korea". LOL I know you are all laughing. I am now here!

I have also enjoyed the comforts of my home, the things that make my life easier and the appliances that do the work for me. BUT now I am living in an apartment, using a washer, which doubles as a dryer. I have also been told that the cost of utilities is extremely high here, though since we have been in the apartment for just under a month, I can not deny or confirm how high this truly is.

So in the spirit of being frugal, saving money and getting more laundry done in a single day, I have decided to hang my laundry to dry and use the dryer minimally. I never thought that I would be hanging out my laundry. It always seemed to old fashioned to me but like I said before.... Never say Never. Life might just challenge you with exactly what you said you will never do.

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vanilla143 said...

This is kind of funny. Actually I do not dry my clothes because they last longer. All drying really is is baking so I find my clothes look nicer last longer if I don't. I do dry sheet, towels, :D and Ric's clothes (other than ACU's).