Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Apartment

My husband was required to go to Korea first and find an apartment for the family before we were allowed to join him. I gave him the top end of our budget that I was willing to pay, along with a list of amenities that I wanted to have in our new home. The distance from his office was up to how far he was willing to drive each day. I must say he did a fabulous job!!

We actually feel like we are living in a hotel, well except that I have to clean it! We live in a 15 story apartment building. Since I am not used to city living, I asked him to get a place on one of the first four floors. We are on the first! There is a playground right outside the apartment and I can see the girls playing from the living room window. We have three bedrooms and two baths, about 2000 square feet. There is lots of storage cabinets everywhere.

When you walk into a home in Korea, it is the custom to remove your shoes. Our apartment has a wall of shelves where ones shoes can be placed when you enter. Our Master Bedroom is huge. It will hold our king size bed, once it arrives and probably a small loveseat also. It has a large walk in closet, along with two additional closets. The Master Bath even has an electronic bidet. When they came to install it, all the girls had a good laugh.

Technology in this apartment is way beyond what I have seen in the states. When someone rings your apartment, you can see and hear them on a screen in the living room or kitchen. You can talk to them and buzz them in if you choose. The same touch screen controls the gas, heat, lights, etc in the home. It would be much better if I could read what it says (everything is written in Korean), but we are learning to at least know what the different buttons do around the home. The kitchen sink has an automatic foot pedal to control the water in the sink without using your hands. We even have a washer that functions as a dryer too. There is also a sterilzer in the kitchen, though I am not sure what I could use this for yet.

We are greatful for our beautiful new home and will enjoy living here over the next two years.

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