Thursday, January 1, 2009

November 2008

You may be reading the title and thinking...why is she giving a November update when it's the last day in December? I am trying to break out the last 6 weeks into more managable, bite-sized pieces and doing a November and December post separately sounded better to me.

The last week of the month, Angel's mom Sara came for a visit (the girls call her abuela). It was nice to see her since it had almost been a year since the last time we were together. We had lots of things planned for the week that she was here. We all went to breakfast bowling at the bowling alley on post. They have a great deal...breakfast and a game of bowling for $3.50 The breakfast includes two eggs, hashbrowns, toast, bacon or sausage and a drink.

The next day was Thanksgiving and Breanna's 2nd Birthday. Since Angel was serving Thanksgiving dinner in the BlackJack Dining Hall, we all decided to eat dinner at the DFAC (dining facility). It was a nice spread, including shrimp coctail! And if you know me, I love my seafood :)

We came back to our house with some friends and celebrated Breanna's 2nd Birthday. I can't believe she is two years old already. She had fun singing and opening presents.

We ended up with a sick kid Thanksgiving night, so some of our plans of things to do with abuela got put on hold. We wanted to make sure that we took Angel's mom to see Nature in Lights at BLORA and even though we postponed it due to sickness, we made sure to get it in. This year we stopped for popcorn and hot chocolate to top off the night.

I can't believe how quick our time with abuela came and went. Next thing we knew, she was packing her bags and we were off to the airport.

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