Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deployment Update

I have been wanting to write about deployment, but have not had the time to put into my post, so today I will just give an update and hopefully finish what I want to write and post it next week.

Most, if not all military families will experience a deployment in their soldier's career in the military. Sometimes they last for week....or a few months.... to those lasting a year or longer. The manner in which a spouse or family approaches the deployment varies greatly. Some embrace the change to take place in their lives, while others are in denial that the deployment will or is happening to them.

The Army offers a vast number of resources available to soldiers and thier families to help them succeed through not only a deployment but military life in general. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of what is available to them.

We are facing this deployment with anticipation and embracing all that it has to offer...the good, the bad and the ugly. BUT our faith in God gives us hope that no matter we will face this next year, He will be with us, even if we are 7500 miles apart.

Trust in God today for whatever you may be facing. Know that He will not leave you or forsake you, but He is with you. Trust in His Word and promises! Sometimes I think I will never survive a year without my husband, but I need to look to God to fill the longing in my life and heart during this time. My husband is an added gift to my life and not all that I need..... GOD IS ALL THAT WE NEED!

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