Saturday, October 25, 2008

Overnight Getaway!

Since Angel was away at training for the month of September, their unit has been given and extra day off here and there....Today was one of those days. We decided that we would spend it doing something fun with the girls. Since HSM3 (High School Musical) was opening today, we thought it would be a great surprise to get tickets and go with the girls. To add to the excitement, yesterday I told the girls I needed to run some errands and we loaded into the van. On the way out, we met up with Angel in front of the commissary so that he could pass off the goods. What he was giving me was the room key to a hotel room in the next town. We found a hotel that has an indoor pool and made reservations earlier in the week. I "ran my errands" and acted like I was heading toward Walmart....but behind Walmart was the surprise. As I pulled into the parking lot the girls didn't quite get where we were and why. When they heard that we were staying there and there was a pool, they got sooo excited.

The girls and I went to our room and swam while Angel was at a meeting. We then got ready to go out to dinner and met Angel at Applebees. After dinner we headed back to the hotel for more....SWIMMING. We got icecream and let the girls stay up very late (it was 10PM when we turned out the lights). This morning everyone slept in...well at least until 8 or so and we had a nice breakfast...and then you'll never guess what we did again..............went swimming.

After checkout, we headed to the movie theatre. The girls had no idea of what we were doing and when we got close and confirmed their suspicions....they screamed their heads off. They had a great time and we came home after the movie so the little two could get in a nap. The girls are now outside playing with their friends who they haven't seen in a whole day (imagine that).

Hopefully between now and the time Angel heads to the sandbox, we can plan some other exciting family trips into our schedule. I can't believe October is almost over. Marissa's birthday is next Friday and she will be 11...though sometimes I think maybe 19. She is growing up soooo much. Tomorrow she and I will spend the morning together for her birthday.

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