Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Texas Fun

I don't know when it happened, but Breanna has chosen her new FAVORITE movie...Barbie and the Diamond Castle....though she calls it Princess Diamond Castle. We watch this movie at least once a day, if not more and everyone knows all the songs! But after the first viewing of the day...the older two would rather not watch it yet again. Yesterday after the first viewing, Marissa talked Breanna into watching something else, Everyone's Hero. I couldn't believe it...Breanna was watching something other than the Princess movie....or so I thought. When Marissa left the family room, Breanna went and found her Princess Movie and removed Everyone's Hero from the DVD and put her own favorite movie into the player. It was so funny and when Marissa came back a few minutes later she asked me why I changed the movie....I told her I didn't...Breanna did. LOL

Later in the day while I was on the computer, Marissa called from upstairs.."Mom, you gotta seet this" Well I obviously didn't get there in a timely fashion because next thing I know, all the girls were coming into the family room laughing loudly. The pictures below describe what I saw...two little marshmellows having fun, courtesy of their big sister.

After some marshmellow fun, the little ones went out in the backyard to play. Next thing I know I see Victoria trying to pull Breanna around in the sled. :) It was so cute.

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