Sunday, October 12, 2008

Once a Month Cooking

It's that time organize and put together a list of meals that my neighbor and I will be cooking. We usually cook between 20 and 25 meals per family...meaning we cook about 50 meals in two days. I have found a new cookbook and we are trying some recipes from there, so this month our preparations are taking a bit longer, since I need to add all the ingredients into my spreadsheet so that I have an accurate shopping list, trust me this is important.

In the past we have averaged about $120 per family to cook the 25 meals...not bad. We have found that it is easier to cook with a friend than to do it all by yourself. We usually shop and then that day put together the meats that have marinades or that need to be cut up ahead of time. The next day we split some of the responsibilities and my neighbor Laurel will take 4 recipes and I will take the same and we double them and cook them at our own homes (we are in a duplex and she is right next door). Right before lunch, we meet together and prepare and assemble more recipes...but together. The older kids are usually playing outside while we do this :)

You may be the food good or are you just making cassaroles with Cream of Mushroom soup? Yes, they are good and only one recipe has Cream of Mushroom soup. Here is a sampling of some of the recipes that we have made or are planning to make this time.....
Chili Verde, Chicken Packets, Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs, Buttermilk Herb Chicken, Ravioli Soup, Chicken PotPie, Beef Burgundy, Lasagna, Chicken Broccoli, Tex-Mex Chicken Strips, Chicken Enchiladas, Ginger Beef, Rice Pilaf, Mac 'n Cheese, Sweet Potatoe Cassarole, Pizza Roll Ups, Marinated Flank Steak and Calzones.

If you are interested in more information on Once A Month Cooking, feel free to email me and I'll give you some tips and names of the books that I use. If you feel you don't have time to Cook for a day and eat for a month...try doubling or tripling your recipes when you cook and putting the extras in the freezer. This past week I was able to bless two families with meals from my freezer...a new mom and a friend who broke her ankle. I was glad to have something on hand to be able to take to these two families.

By the way, please pray for my friend who just had the baby. Her husband is a chaplain who is deployed for 15 months. He was able to come home for the birth of thier son but had to leave less than 24 hours after mom and baby came home. This is her first baby and the emotions of a new little one and her husband not being there can be overwhelming.

What are you struggling with today? Do you need God to move in your life? the life of a friend or relative? Do you feel that God is distant? That there is not a single person who understands what you are going through? God understands, He is bigger than your circumstances!! Trust Him today for a BREAKTHROUGH! If you need prayer, shoot me an email and I will join you in seeking God and believing for Him to move in your life.

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Denise said...

You always have a way of making a day brighter with your words. I'll keep your friend in prayer. And yes I am very interested in cooking for a month (I don't figure I'm going to be able to take my large stand up freezer with me to post housing am I?) With our hectic schedules I'd love to know more. Shoot me an e-mail on my gmail account.