Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sketchy Internet and Update

Since returning from my aunt's house in Indiana, internet has been sketchy at my parent's house.  I could not get pages to fully load, let alone trying to upload pictures.  I am happy to say that it looks like things are back to normal, at least for now.

We have now been in the states visiting family for the last eight weeks.  Wow, has it really been that long?  I can't believe how time has flown already.  We are drawing near the end of our trip and in just under three weeks, we will be heading back to Korea for the rest of my husband's tour.

BUT not before my husband comes to the states for a few weeks of R&R.  He has been trying to get out of Korea for the last day and a half.   There was suppose to be a promising flight today, but it appears that it has now been delayed.  I am hoping only for a few hours and not a few days. 

There is also another possible flight that is heading CONUS (Continental USA) that he might be able to jump on.  We are just waiting things out and I am hoping that by the time I wake up tomorrow, I will have some good news.

We are all anxious for Angel (aka Daddy) to get here and join us.  Most, if not all, of us are not looking forward to returning to Korea.  We like living in the USA too much.  I pray that this next year flies by quickly.

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